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Yawcam is a web camera streaming and security tool
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Yawcam is a web camera streaming and security tool. The application's name stands for Yet Another Web Cam software. It's goal is to provide the usual features available in this kind of apps while keeping it very simple. Honestly, the application accomplishes that and even more. The set of features offered to the user are pretty much endless. You can use your web camera with the application and upload content to the Internet in a variety of ways. You can use a built-in HTTP server to upload still images coming from your webcam or you can activate the stream feature, which streams real-time video to the web. The content can be seen by anyone with a modern web browser. The quality of the feed is easily customizable from within the application settings and users can also change the FPS, the quality and the scale of the video to account for any image deficits that might be. For example, if the user wants to sacrifice quality to achieve a smoother feed, he can reduce the quality and increase the frames per second. All of the broadcasting options can be turned on and off from the application's main window. The inactive broadcasting methods have a red dot by them, and the active ones show a little greenish icon. Yawcam has yet another feature up its sleeve. It offers motion-detection capabilities. So, any of the broadcasting methods can be activated by movement on the PC. On top of all of these great features, Yawcam has a system tray icon that keeps you updated about what is going on with the video feed. It tells you when users get connected and so on. When motion-detection is activated the system tray icon becomes silent, which makes it ideal for a surveillance application.

José Fernández
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  • Scheduler.
  • Motion-detection.
  • Streaming, FTP and still-image uploads.
  • Quality is highly customizable


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