Yawcam 0.7

Stream your camera’s signal via HTTP and FTP, and detect motion
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Yawcam is intended to stream your camera’s signal via HTTP and FTP. The tool lets you share the captured video by providing others with the cam’s IP. The recipient can then adjust such parameters as video quality, the number of frames per second and scale. The broadcast signal is available not only on the local network but also to other remote users, but this requires configuring port forwarding on your router. Your being worried about unauthorized people accessing your video streaming is logical, that is why it is good to know that it can be protected by a password.

The program can be used for surveillance purposes. In this respect, it is possible to activate motion detection. Luckily, you can avoid false alarms by adjusting its sensitivity and tolerance levels as well as defining the monitored area. When a motion event is detected, the tool can save video or images to file, upload them to an FTP site, send an email to a given address, run an executable file or play an alarm sound.

Yawcam’s interface is not difficult to use; yet, in my opinion, it is not very attractive. It does not look very modern and it is frequently required to switch between windows.

In fewer words, Yawcam can solve some of the problems related to streaming video over a network and using a camera for surveillance. Other features of this tool include scheduling broadcasts to start automatically. Likewise, it lets you text and image overlays for the signal. The product is free to use but donations are encouraged.

Pedro Castro
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  • Shares webcam signal using various protocols
  • Protects the signal with password
  • Includes motion detection
  • Can trigger various types of alerts
  • Allows scheduling broadcasts


  • Not very attractive interface
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